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Luis Glinoga

Prof. Michelle Collins

REC 3300

May 8, 2012

There are many types of disabilities a person can have. It may be physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, developmental, or a combination of these. It's a fact that disability affects every sector of our society. People who don't have disability sometimes feel sorry about them. Yes, this is true because I personally feel sorry about them. I feel bad for people who are visually impaired because I can't imagine a world without seeing anything or anyone. I thought that there are many things they are missing out on.

The videos on youtube, the news, and the commercials on televisions show how people with disability struggle to live a normal life. Often times when I see these commercials I let it play or switch the channel because I did not care to see these kind of situations. But now, after studying the issue more depth in my classes, I have a new whole perspective.

My attitude has change compared before when I hear the words person with a disability or a disabled person.

The video on the youtube "I define me" was very interesting and eye opening to me. It shows in this video what most people react when they see a person with disability. Another youtube video entitled "Mental Illness Stigma Commercial (A job interview)". We tend to pity, discriminate and feel sorry for these people and sometimes even laugh at them. On the other hand, the videos "Blind Students Climb Machu Pichhu", "Perspective of a blind Student" and "Paralympic Sport TV trailer 2008", show a different story. I was very impressed. Not only did these videos relate to our class so well, but it was an eye opener that we should not feel sorry for these people. My mind...