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1. Page 155 #6 - General understanding of individual and family behavior patterns. I feel this would be one of the important steps in helping this family. I think the social worker or the person helping this family needs to know about family and be able to look at each individual and see what personality they have because each of us has our own personalities. I think the counselor needs to be able to find out what is happening with each individual first and their background before they will be able to start to help them as a family. The counselor needs to know how each member interacts with each other and what causes the person or persons to be violent towards each other. When this is understood then the counselor has a better understanding and will be able to help figure out a treatment plan for this family. Page 156 #7 - Skill in client information gathering.

This I feel would be important too. As the counselor would start talking to the clients they are able to gather information to a lot of things. The first thing I would think would be basic information in an interview in the first meeting. The basic information would be asked, things like health conditions, medications they may be taking, etc. Questions may be asked why they are there and what they feel they need help in. While the client is being questioned the counselor has to be able to listen closely and look for clues that are not outwardly expressed by the client. It is very important to be a good listener as well as an interviewer. This is very important to be able to know what is going on and a way to start thinking about the way you are going...