How to Take a Math Test

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This article is a post of Cynthia Arem, a professor in Pima Community college. In this one, he has an overall look and several discussions how to make a math test successfully. I have read this article and all of skills he lists in it are necessary for any students who want to have a good score in the test, especially in Math, an subject requires not only knowledge in the books but also skills how to deal with it the testing room.

"Always review daily, weekly and then do a major review one week before your exam"

This is his first advise, and I think it must be done if you want to, at least, pass the test. Waiting until the last minutes to review is the habits and sometime, hobby of many students, including myself. Most of the time, students usually do not take an instant look on what they have studied after finishing class.

I experienced this when I failed on the final exam to University three years ago, the reason is, no one can remember more than 50 formula just in one night before the test.

"To guarantee success of your math test, you must master all the topics on your list BEFORE you work on any practice test"

I think you do not have to master all the topics on your list because it is very hard to understand all the topics in math when you are at home studying without any help from teachers. Learning and understanding are good, but the important things you need to do is do a lot of practices because when you re practicing working with the problems, it will help you remember the topics or formulas better than just sitting down and try to remember all at once. Applying...