Taken as hostage

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Taken as hostage

Abstract: Government retires many advantages of keeping quiet what is happening in our forests. He realises incomes, creates jobs and maintain economical activity. He also prevent himself from receiving all sorts of critics. Public forest is a myth. Population cannot profit of the forest as companies do, so how can we protect it? Get involved.

Forest industry occupies a big place in Quebec. Many jobs are created because of this natural resource. To this wealth of raw materials that has been exploited for many years, we begin the see the end. Bad forest management and regeneration planning are the causes of a possible future lack of resources. In his film l'Erreur Boreale, Richard Desjardins evaluates the actual situation of Boreal Forest as well as how government deal with companies towards our resource. This text will discuss why government keeps public away from what is happening in forest and the effects of this on management practices.

First of all, by hiding reality to public about the actual condition of our forest, government insure to forest companies a constant revenue. Few years ago government received part of these revenues, which has for effect to encourage companies to cut more trees, but this is not supposed to be anymore. Since forest sector is a very important industry in Quebec, government don't want to reduce production. This would reduce wood exportations, province incomes, number of working employees and then economical activity. So, government and forest companies take forest as hostage and abuse as most as possible of it.

Also, keeping public ignorant means that nobody will try to evaluates and critics the management that is actually done in forest. The only experts who could say if management is done adequately or not, either work for government or for forest companies. So...