Taking a closer read at Haroun and the Sea of Stories

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1. Identify & explain 5 symbols found in text.

Although Haroun and the sea of stories is a children's literature, symbols which overlap as archetypes are used to make this novel contain a deeper meaning and be just as enjoyable for adults.

Weather in this story symbolizes the current feeling or emotion of the characters. Dull, gloomy days often occurred when the character is depressed: "this sudden mist positively stank of sadness and gloom" (47). This symbol is clearly evident when Haroun traveled to Moody land, "the sun would shine all night is there were enough joyful people around, and it would go on shining until the endless sunshine got on their nerves; then an irritable night would fall a night full of mutterings and discontent, in which the air felt too thick to breathe" (47).

The image of the sunset symbolizes a hope for a happy ending, where the sun sets seems to represent a paradise: "...a

vista of the Valley of K with its golden fields and silver mountains...-- a view spread out like a magic carpet," (34). When you see the sunset, "no man can be sad who looks upon that sight". (34)

The Ocean of the Streams of Story symbolizes the human brain, this is where the "streams" and "currents" of ideas flow and originate. We don't just use our brain to store data, but we create and execute new ideas by using this compiled information: "unlike a library of books, the Ocean of the Streams of Story was much more than a storeroom of yarns. It was not dead but alive" (72)

The story water that is contained in the Ocean symbolizes inspiration and our imagination. Everybody needs inspiration, "for stories with that Extra Ingredient...even the best storytellers need the Story Waters." (58), however if...