Taking a Look at the term 'Community' and My Community - Brampton.

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There are many definitions for the term 'community', a community can be defined as representing a group of people in a specified place doing specific actions, a community can be the environment in which you work or go to school and a community can simply be the area in which you live. A community can also be any private or public place where individuals gather. According to Pain (2001) a community is a challenging concept that is widely used in many different ways by different groups of people and may take on different forms. Community is usually praised as a good thing; community is usually viewed in the positive sense because it moves away from individualism and further more highlight positive traits such as belonging, co-operation, sharing and loyalty. "Communities are people who talk to one another." Pain explains that this is not a specific definition of what a community is however it is a starting point to understand the basis of community, how and why people talk to each other is the more important factor.

One cannot assume that because there is communication that we therefore have community but the process of the communication which leads to community is what we have. Based on my personal experiences and beliefs I would define 'community' as the relationship between groups within the social space. My community consists of the area in which I live, the environment where I work and the chosen place of education and also a religious community. I believe that any individual can have many different places of 'community' and their own idea of what community means to them is based on the interactions individuals have within their community and with whom they have these interactions. In addition to these definitions of community, a community can also be...