Taking Sides: Global Warming.

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The following research paper was written for a literature class but the topic is global warming. It explains what causes it, what it affects, and what we need to do to fix the problem before it grows out of hand.

Taking Sides: Global Warming

For decades global warming has been a hot topic of debate in society. For many people there is the concern that too much global warming will have an impact on climate, economy, and health. Some people choose to ignore the problem. Some look for someone or something to blame; and some go far enough to deny the fact that global warming is indeed a serous threat. However, there is the undeniable truth that we have the need to be concerned about this problem. If we take measures like support the Global Climate Treaty, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and use more renewable energy sources, we can stop global warming before it becomes a problem of global proportions.

The earth's atmosphere, which extends about five hundred miles into space from the planet's surface, is made up of five layers of gases that act like a blanket to warm the planet. These layers of gases are similar to greenhouse windows. They let sunlight to pass through with ease but prevent the solar-generated heat from escaping into to the atmosphere. For this reason, carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, water vapor, and several other gases are appropriately called greenhouse gases. The process by which these gases capture and absorb the reflected solar energy is known as the greenhouse effect. Without it our planet would be inhospitable because the surface temperature would be cooler by over 60 degrees Fahrenheit. But what has become the topic of concern in the past few decades is this beneficial blanket of gases becomes too dense and...