A Tale of Bonding: Plenty of "Show Me" details, scnenery, etc. Can be used for either guy or girl.

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It was a day like any other; the gleaming reflection of the radiant sun in my eyes, the familiar cool breeze playing with my light hair, and the coarse yellow sand between my toes. The golden sun had risen along with the birds, fish, and other wildlife. A twenty-one year old chap whose figure I could barely identify through the green brush was walking down a path. The path was all too well known to the staff. The man's name was Boz. Boz was the Aquatics Director at camp Liberty. At first glance, one might say he is similar to an army drill sergeant. Boz had many of the physical attributes of an army sergeant; the strong chin, large muscular build, and a crew cut. However, Boz had the personality of a twelve-year-old mischievous, retro style boy. Noel was already asleep on one of the old wooden picnic benches.

Noel was an American-Mexican with an amiable disposition and a curly afro. Dan was on the other side of the beach attempting to raise some heavy green canvas. With some effort, I made my way over to the sailing table, arranged some tools, and got my materials ready for the upcoming day. Preparing consisted of removing any lingering snakes from the past night, making sure all of the boats were still intact, and then checking the weather. Once I had glanced over the boats, I decided to lay down on a picnic table and observe the sky. I gazed at the clouds that had become almost transparent from attempting to cover the whole sky with their creamy smooth bodies. My mind began to wonder into the past, and a red setting sun floated to the surface of my memories. As my mind began to dwell on the beauty and...