Tale of Cinderella compared to the movie, "Ever After". (2 common aspects: the male superiority and the importance of feminine beauty)

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Everybody has already heard about tales during their childhood and everyone has liked them. One of the most known tales is of course the Perrault'sCinderella. The movie industry still continues today to make films inspired from this popular tale. In this essay, the tale of Cinderella will be compared to the movie, Ever After. This comparison essay will show two common aspects: the male superiority to women and the importance of feminine beauty.

First of all, in both films the male is superior to women. In Cinderella, the Prince is the hero who is wealthy and future king. He is the alias who only wants to find a woman to become his wife. Cinderella is the poor weak and passive girl who has to obey to the orders given by her stepmother. Her alternatives are to stay miserable or marry into happiness; the Prince is her rescuer.

In Ever After, it is the same thing because the young girl has to obey to the order of her cruel stepmother and sisters. She has no power like Cinderella and while her stepmother gives her to the cruel baron, the Prince rescues her. In the movie and the story, the deprived girl marries the Prince.

Secondly, in the movie and the tale the feminine beauty is very important and high-classed clothing gives identity like the Prince, the King, the stepmother and the stepsisters. Cinderella has an identity only at the moment that her godmother changes her into a princess for the ball. In Ever After, the girl has identity in front of the Prince only when she wears beautiful clothes. The beauty is not only on the physical side but also the psychological side. In contrast to the move and the tale the girl forgives her stepmother and...