The Tale of the Clever Deer

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3rd Grade 40-50 Minutes


Objectives: 1. At the completion of this lesson, the students will be able to answer comprehension questions. (3.1.G.1)

2. At the completion of this lesson, the students will be able to compare and contrast. (3.1.G.1)

Materials: 1. Handouts of the story

2. Comprehension questions worksheets

3. Compare and contrast worksheets

Method: 1. I will introduce the story to the students by asking them if they have ever been tricked by someone. I will then give the students some time to think about the question and respond.

2. I will then ask them if they have ever been tricked by a deer. I will expect them to say "no."

3. Next, I will tell the students that we are going to read a story about a tiger that was tricked by a deer.

4. Now, I will have the students guess how a deer could trick a tiger and then finish by saying "lets read the story and find out how the deer tricked the tiger."

5. I will read the story with the students.

6. Pass out the comprehension questions worksheets to the students.

7. I will do questions 1 and 2 with the students.

8. I will call on individual students to do questions 3 and 4.

9. The class will work silently and do questions 5 - 10.

10. I will check their work and go over the answers in class.

11. Now I will introduce comparing and contrasting by asking the students some questions.

1. How is the deer like the tiger?

2. How is the tiger like the deer?

3. How is the fox like the deer or the tiger?

4. How is the deer different than the tiger?

5. How is the tiger different than the deer?

6. How is the fox different than the deer or the tiger?

12. Explain to the students the basis of comparing and contrasting.

13. Pass out the compare and contrast worksheets to the students.

14. Explain how to fill in the worksheet to the students.

15. I will get them started by helping them fill in 1 comparison and 1 contrast for each pair of animals they choose.

16. The students will work silently to complete the rest of the worksheet.

17. I will check their work and go over it in class.

Evaluation: 1. Objective 1 is evaluated in steps 9 and 10.

2. Objective 2 is evaluated in steps 16 and 17.

Comprehension Questions

Directions: Answer these questions for the story.

1. What was the deer nibbling on?

2. Who jumped out of the nearby bushes?

3. What did the deer do when he saw the tiger?

4. Did the tiger ever see a deer before?

5. What animal in the story has white spots on his body?

6. Who did the tiger meet after he ran away from the deer?

7. What did the fox tell the tiger?

8. Who said "Ho, there, friend fox!"?

9. What did the tiger do after the deer talked to the fox?

10. Who was saved?