A Tale of Two Cities

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France, 1775, Doctor Manette is sentenced to serve time in prison for reporting the death of a woman. He was incarcerated for more than 16 years in which time he took up the hobby of shoe making. At the time of his incarceration he had a young daughter by the name of Lucie Manette, she believed her father to be dead after years without word. After much time Doctor Manette is released, often having relapses in identity. The Doctor under the loving care of Lucie recovers, occasionally having relapses under stressful situations. Lucie and Doctor Manette live in England away from the chaos that is the French Revolution. Charles St. Evermond is put on trial for treason against his country due to his exchanging of papers aboard a ship. Lucie is called upon as a witness to testify against Charles. With the help of a drunken lawyer Sydney Carton whom bears a striking resemblance to Charles, Carton helps to acquit him.

Charles renounces his title and wealthy status due to his hatred toward injustice faced by the French people. Charles goes by the new name Charles Darney.

Charles goes to England to start his life anew. He falls in love with the beautiful Lucie Manette. Lucie is vied after by many including Sydney Carton. Lucie feels mutually for Charles and together they marry and have a child. Together they along with Doctor Manette live peacefully away from the turmoil of the French Revolution.

Darney abruptly receives a letter from a former faithful servant to which he gave his word. The letter reveals that the servant is imprisoned and seeking the help of Charles St. Evermond. Charles leaves his family without informing them only to leave a letter marked "My Darling" to Lucie. Upon trying to free his former servant he...