Tale of Two Cities

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Having a keen taste for classic books I read, "Tale of Two Cities". The author is none other than Charles Dickens. One of the greatest and well known English writers. Personally I couldn't put the book down. The book was remarkably written, but I often had to reread things to understand them, as well as looking up outlandish words and read very thoroughly.

The story starts off with Jarvis Lorry, an elder banker at Tellson's bank. He and Lucie Manette go to collect Lucie's father after being imprisoned for eighteen years. Doctor Alexandre Manette is being kept in Monsieur and Madame Defarge's wine shop on the fifth floor. Lucie helps her father become sane after they take him home. Years later Lucie and Doctor Manette testify against a man by the name of Charles Darnay. He is found not guilty and marries Lucie a while after the trial. Lucie was adored by many men that including Sydney Carton, who would do anything to see her happy.

Though after Charles reveals his true name, Charles Evremonde. Which reveals that he is related to the men who imprisoned Dr. Manette. The doctor falls back to the state he was in when they first met him. He overcomes it after a few weeks and the family live peacefully for sometime. Though being at the peak of the Revolution ruins that peacefulness.

Ernest and Therese Defarge begin the revolution as a start to better life. Though Madame Defarge had different goals, for she is cold hearted and has a big deathlist. The revolution is gruesome and very bloodys as it progresses in the book. Madame Defarge being related to the women raped and taken by the Evremondes causes she wanted to kill everyone and anyone related to the Evremondes. Charles is later put...