The Tale Of Two Heros

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When the sword flashes through the golden rays of the sun, the fresh blood of a wounded solider drips unmercifully down the edge of the blade. Two of the most beloved war heroes of all time, Odysseus and Achilles, endured the blood bath of the Trojan war fighting side by side as if they were born to be brothers of one mind with their swords beating almost simultaneously against unsuspecting warriors. Although these power houses were considered the greatest of the Trojan war heroes, their wisdom of combat differed greatly.

Odysseus was a brave fighter that considered his mind to be his greatest weapon rather than relying on his muscle. Although he was witty and intelligent, he still maintained the physical strength need to captivate the attention of the other soldiers. His men looked up to him because he always seemed to know what to do in any situation.

Odysseus was adaptable to change given any environment. Achilles once said that he hated like hell how Odysseus would say one thing and do another. This was a very clever tactic on Odysseus part because this way his enemies would never be able to predict his next move. Because he often hesitates before acting and always waits for the right moment to act, this enabled him to live to survive instead of live to die, like Achilles. It is important to note that if it were not for him having a goddess over his shoulder to help him become wiser, he may not have been the epic hero of the story. For surely, his pride would've cost him much if he were not humbled toward the end of the play.

On the other hand, Achilles did have a goddess on his shoulder, his mother, which in the long run...