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Author Judy BlumeJudy Blume was born 1938 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She wrote and writes bookes for young and old people. More than 65 million copies of her books have been sold, the books has been translated in more than twenty languages. Judy won about twenty awards.

Other books from Judy Blume for our age:"Superfudge" or " Otherwise known as Sheila the great".

Characterization The boy who tells the story is Peter His full name is Peter Waren Hatcher. He is nine years old and lives with his brother Fudge and his parents in New York. Peter attends elementary school.

He is a nice boy and he always does what his parents want him to do. He is the only one who can understand his little brother Fudge and also what he does. But sometimes he is very angry with his brother. Peter often meets his friend Jimmy Fargo.

Jimmy is Peters best friend, and they do everything together. I think Peter feels like a growing up because Fudge does everything what he does.

Peter is an ordinary nine years old boy, who knows that to be 2,5 years old is not quite easy.

Fudge Fudge is only an nickname. His full name is Farly Drexler. He is 2,5 years old. His best friends are Jenny, Ralph and Sam. They are all the same age. Fudge is a cute and naughty boy. He knows how to handle his mum to get some sorte of things or to make her being angry with him. He always makes a fuss and likes to explore the world. He behaves like a big boy in his age. He never listens to his parents or to Peter and sometimes it ends bad. But he respects Peter and wants to do all sorte of...