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Introduction Talisman Energy is the largest Canadian Oil and Natural Gas producer, with operations in Canada, the North Sea, Indonesia and Sudan. They are also conducting further exploration into areas in Algeria, Trinidad and Columbia. Currently Talisman employs over 1,200 employees throughout its global operations. Their base of operations is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. From here, Talisman co-ordinates its organizational strategic plans, which in the past 8 years has included nine acquisitions, and multiple new exploration endeavors . Talisman also is involved in multiple strategic alliances, including a four way alliance in the Greater Nile oil project in Sudan. Talisman is truly becoming a dominate force in the global hydrocarbon business.

In the global environment, there is an increasing amount of pressure from shareholders, for companies to operate in a socially responsible way. The free market ideology that encompasses most of today?s business activities, has forged a need for Corporations to play a larger role in their surrounding communities.

This situation has fostered a need for an increase in an organizations focus on corporate responsibility. Talisman energy is no exception to this situation. Their operations in Sudan have come under intense scrutiny and their business strategies have been adjusted to ensure they are operating in an ethical and socially responsible manor.

The increasing power of the multinational enterprise has caused the Government?s ability to regulate business activities to be eroded. A government?s trade sanctions and other forms of intervention do not always have the desired effect. If trade sanctions are not the answer, and governments continue to restrict business in areas such as Sudan, what are the other alternatives? Strategic Alliances A strategic alliance refers to the situation when a firm allies itself with a possible competitor for various strategic purposes. There are several advantages and disadvantages to...