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There are many talk shows on the television. Most of the talk shows belittle their guests. They name the topic of a show and have people write a letter stating why they should be in the show, or they have them call into the show. After they go through all the work of getting the people on the show they sometimes hurt their guests instead of helping them. There are a number of talk shows which are on the air that bring on guests to either give them help or to confront someone. Many of the talk shows that we see on television are for entertainment. Although some of the talk shows can teach some people something that they didn't know.

The talk show hosts usually are not the ones to bring the people on the show. The producers are so the hosts most of the time don't know what the people are like.

So it's sometimes a challenge for them to do the show. They try to do what the can to make the guests feel comfortable but the audience has a lot to do with them also.

The audience members are a part of the talk show as well. They sometimes are the ones that make the guests feel like they are a bad person. The people in the audience stand up throughout the show and make fun of the guests on the talk show. And most of the time the guests let the audience members have it right back. Sometimes the people in the audience have good comments to make and are trying to help the guests. For the most part they go to the talk shows just to see how the people are and to give their comments on the situation.