I will talk about some insurance company that I wrote, and it was the most awful essay I have ever seen before(I get A on it)

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Success in Business

John D. Avery and Linda Robinson Fellag's informative article "Diversity Boosts Allstate's Bottom Line" on pages 125-126 of Avery and Fellag's book College Reading 3: English for Academic Success (Thomson Heinle, 2006) defines in a straightforward tone about companies that incorporate a diverse approach to guarantee the satisfaction of customers, and to create an inventive workplace. They explain how companies use diversity in their business to raise the contentment levels of their markets, and make a better workplace to reach their objectives. Then they talk about diversity initiative, and how companies work on customer's desire to act with educated personnel, so they can get the trust of their customers. Next, Allstate, one of the insurance companies, works on its business processes by combining tactics, education, and unending exercises to make the workers do the best economic aims everyday.

Also, Allstate's director reveals that it is necessary to know and understand what the customers want from them. It is not bad if they learn from their customers what kind of services they want, so they can make sure that they give them what they ask for in simple ways. Although, the company works with groups from different communities to guarantee the markets from other neighborhoods, and lets them feel that the employees have the same origin for making a good relationship. During my investigation, I have found proof that agrees with Avery and Fellag's point; in addition, my investigation led me to an opposite point of Avery and Fellag. Moreover, my research has led me to find out more information about insurance companies' practices that Avery and Fellag make only a brief reference to.

Avery and Fellag and an article called "Prudential Finance Regime" share almost...