Talking Apes on Jupiter

Essay by aliyus June 2004

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Once upon a time there was a man called "Jim". He had a brother called "Kim". Both brothers worked for a space company. Kim was married and he had two children. Jim was not married.

Kim always wanted to do a mission in space. He was told that he would be sent to Jupiter for 6 months. He told his brother about the mission.

Kim was going in space for the first time. But his brother Jim had already gone in space heaps of times. Jim told Kim all about space. Kim became excited and waited for that great moment to come.

Kim told his family about the mission. He went to his office and was told that there were some aliens in their way. They would have to fight them. Kim also told Jim about the aliens.

On 12th of December 2000 they went to the launching pad and sat in the rocket.

It was comfortable. Jim and Kim liked it. Their rocket was launched at 11:00 am.

First they had some pain in there stomach but afterwards they were alright. On their way they saw Mars. Kim was amazed. They landed on Mars and left a satellite there.

They were travelling at the speed of light. They had dinner and then they slept. Kim was so exited that he could not sleep. Jim was sleeping like anything when their ship had a jerk.

Every one watched from their windows. Outside they saw some alien forces. They sent out their fighter spaceships. Kim and Jim were also in the fight.

Kim's ship was damaged but Jim rescued him. Kim was scared a little bit. Then they had some more jerks. They saw that they were above some planet.

Kim and his team members were very happy...