Talking with Children About Terrorism

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This was used as the beginnings of a debate topic in a psychology class, the topic was terrrorism and children, and we were pro in talking to them about it. This paper packs some hard punches for any pro group, or just an individual who is writing a paper independently, it discusses some very good topics and points regarding children and how to talk to them about terrorism! GOOD LUCK!

Talking with Children About Terrorism

The terrorist attack on America Tuesday, September 11 has captured the attention of the nation, and it should. Children, however, have a hard time putting these emotionally charged events into perspective. They need the help of the adults around them.

So what is a parent, teacher, or other caring adult to do when terrorist violence fills the airwaves and the consciousness of America?

Assume the kids know about it. They probably know more than you think.

The reality of today's world is that news travels far and wide. Adults and children learn about disasters and tragedies shortly after they occur, and live video footage with close-ups and interviews are part of the report. Children and youth are exposed to the events as soon as they can watch TV or interact with others who are consumers of the news. Not talking about it does not protect children. In fact, you may communicate that the subject is taboo and that you are unavailable if you remain silent.

Reassure young people and help them feel safe. When tragic events occur, children may be afraid that the same will happen to them. Some young children may even think that it already did happen to them. It is important to let them know that they are not at risk--if they are not. Try to be realistic as you reassure them,