Talking points in this year's election 2004. Ways to solve the big problems facing the United States. (oil prices, war in foreign countries like Israel)

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In order to show Iraq and other Middle Eastern Countries we are not helping them out for our own personal benefit to gain access to their supply of oil, we must make it clear that we are dedicated to rebuilding a working government so that one day, Iraq can be totally independent and free from U.S. involvement. To add to that, we must also show that oil is not a big problem with us and we are spending money and research to find alternate fuel sources right this moment.

My proposal is simple, we basically establish a Democratic Government inside Iraq which will aid to the stabilization and security for the country as a whole. We will make sure the leaders running the government are reliable and smart enough to keep this moving forward and not backwards into war. I am aware that talking about this is much easier than acting upon this, but in order for this plan to work, we must also eliminate and drive out any insurgents causing trouble.

Even though they may still want a dictatorship, they must learn that with a Democracy, their lives will be so much better than their current living standards.

Once the insurgents are taken care of and a sturdy, reliable government is in place, we can then show Iraq and the rest of the Middle East our plans having to do with oil. If we can prove to them that oil is not the issue with us, that our main priority is helping out these countries in need, I believe they will accept us and gain a new respect for us. To show how oil is not an issue, we basically must present the statistics of money spent on research towards new, environment friendly, fuel sources. By proving we have...