Talks about bad traits and how Robert Cormier views human beings as cruel and greedy, two characteristics that are found in the human nature.Supported with details from the text.

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Bad Traits

Being rebellious and mischievous are two qualities of the human nature.

A person that is clever and conniving throughout his life can have great power and admiration. In the book The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier, the author views human beings as cruel and greedy, two characteristics that are found in the human nature.

Archie Costello's ill-behaved assignments and nasty attitude makes him powerful and respected in the Trinity school. For example, when Archie tells Goober to loosen all the screws in Brother Eugene's classroom, Goober does as he is told. Goober is too terrified to refuse Archie because Archie holds the position of a malevolence member of the Vigils. Nobody dares to rebuff Archie since they are afraid of the consequences they will receive. In addition, when Archie tells the class to jump up and down whenever Brother Jacques uses the word "environment" they do so willingly, even though one of the classmates knows that Brother Jacques is tipped off about the prank by Archie himself.

Archie is well respected in the school that even teachers consider him important and obey him. Even though Archie acts like a rude and bad mannered person to everyone, the students and teachers try to be on his side then be individualistic. He is impish and ignorant, which makes him stand out and be followed.

Brother Leon takes advantage of people in order to set himself in a higher position. For example, when he bought twenty thousand boxes of chocolates, he told Archie to help him sell the boxes with the assistance of the Vigils. Brother Leon threatens Archie because he knows that Archie is powerful among the students and can get the chocolates sold. He is manipulative and stingy because he wants to be the headmaster...