Talks about the gun activity in America (past and present).

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Guns provide many uses and are used for many activities in America. Depending on the owner, the activity may vary widely from criminal activities to children playing with their parent's artillery that was improperly stored. People attain guns for protection, safety, and sports.

Many people use guns to protect themselves. The problem is that criminals have access to guns just as easy as the police officers do. Many criminals purchase guns through the black market making it impossible to trace shootings. This is how many people get injured from criminals feuding with other criminals causing shoot outs. People often get injured from stray bullets caused by these shoot outs.

Guns keep people safe, but sometimes it is in the wrong hands. When criminals get a hold of guns they may keep themselves safe, but the general public becomes less safe. Gun violence plagues our communities causing 30,000 Americans to lose their lives each year.

Gun fire kills more young people in America than most diseases in our time(

Guns are used for recreation and sports. In bad neighborhoods young Americans purchase firearms and hunting rifles. These people use guns for hunting and recreation, but it is not quite the same. There target practice consists of shooting up signs and old run down houses. These young Americans purchase guns illegally for recreation, but what they are actually doing is hunting for trouble. Guns are terrible for society because there is no type of hunting to be done in our inner cities which often times is the area with the most criminal violence. Criminals ignorantly feel the need to terrorize and harass our communities, firing bullets at signs, run down houses, and innocent people..

Guns serve many purposes and many activities. But most of these activities are counterproductive and cause many to...