Talks about slavery in pre-colonial Buganda, research gotten from Richards Reids Book about pre-colonial Buganda

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Slavery in Pre-colonial Buganda vs. American Slavery

The unethical practice of keeping slaves has been a large part of many countries. The slave trades in Pre-colonial Buganda and America were each crucial parts of their own societies. Buganda is located in east Africa while America is across the African continent and Atlantic Ocean. Although occurring at different time periods and places, there were many similarities in these two countries manner of business. There were also though many differences. By examining acquisition, work, treatment, sexism, and racism, it will be evident how slavery in America compared to that in Buganda.

There were many different ways that slaves were acquired. In American Slavery, slaves were usually purchased from local African chieftains, than shipped to America in slave ships. There they were then auctioned off or sold to slave owners who brought them to their plantations for work. In Buganda, the slaves were obtained in many different ways.

One way was the slaves were captured in war, and taken back as Prisoners of War. They were then given to the Kabaka (king) who controlled which person they would go to as slaves. (Reid, 116) It is said there were slave raids designated just to bring back slaves. (Reid, 117) These slaves would go through the same process as the ones that were taken as Prisoners of War. Another way slaves were acquired was through a commodity market. Slaves were treated as any other commodity. Items such as cloth, copper, brass and glass beads could be exchanged for slaves. (Reid, 117) Also slaves were gotten through a system of internal raiding. If you didn't pay all of your debts and fees you might sell your relatives or maybe even yourself. (Reid, 118) Although Americans had some similarities, the Buganda slave trade had many unique...