Taller de especialidades automotrices Treviño

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The "Taller de especialidades automotrices Treviño" is an automotive repair shop, the business is located in Matamoros City, the business' core services are full service oil change, computer diagnosis, repair of brakes, electronic injection system, differentials and engine repairs among other services for automobiles (GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, VW and Honda). The business' actual financial performance shows a positive trend with a sales revenue growth of 50% and a net income growth of 10% over the past 3 year. The business' main customers are middle class owners of used and new automobiles from Matamoros and Brownsville TX and the business' main competitors are Grease Monkey, Taller San Carlos, IMAN, Midas and Auto Quality Service. The business' vision is to become the "number one preferred automotive shop repair at Matamoros Tamaulipas", through values such as integrity, workforce competency, and latest technology for diagnosis of failures. The business' goals are to increase its market share, to invest on marketing campaigns to attract new customers, to invest on a tow truck and on spare parts inventory to provide a more competitive service.

The business' strengths are the business' good reputation on the city, its workforce expertise, the proprietorship of the latest technology for the service diagnosis, and the location of the business; the business' weaknesses are the lack of a customer's service database, the facility limited size, and the lack of a customer's feedback program; the business opportunities are the minimum investment on marketing, the unattended market from Valle Hermoso, the lack of usage the internet as a communication media and the non provided service of spare parts selling; the business' threats are the war of prices with its main competitors and the high number of competitors in Matamoros, and the service of selling of spare parts service provided by...