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1) What was the opportunity that Cave saw that allowed him to market someone else's product without any money?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge which is built on 1932 is a steel bridge that connects Sydney central business district and the North Shore. Sydney HarbourIt built across and over the arch bridge�. The dramatic view of the bridge, the harbour, and the nearby Sydney Opera House has become a renowned international symbol of Australia (Wikipedia, 2006).

During 1989, Cave got a chance to climb over Sydney Harbour Bridge as a part of group climb organized by Young Presidents Organization World Congress and at the moment he thought that the climb would become one of the most incredible things in Sydney. He recognized the potential for real, experiential tourism in Sydney. After that he had lot of challenges to overcome especially the government authorities and the shortage of money (Switzer, 2009).

Paul cave is a fighter and he had strong belief in the success of his idea and so he never give up his plan. He was optimistic and had great passion towards the implementation of bridge. More important, he could able to see the future of his idea at the time when he thought about it. He was sure about the success since climbing the bridge would make each person heroes. So he planned to market the bridge features and he selected a simple and effective way to make publicity about the bridge. He had just made few presentations and from that publicity progressed from mouth to mouth. People began to come over there and the finally bridge became popular all over the world (Lyons, 2003).

To conclude, the opportunity Paul Cave saw in order to market Sydney Harbour Bridge was the people intention to become heroes in their life.