Taming the Shrew and Strretcar.

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Lies and deception are told to utter a false shield of the truth. Thus, false illusions are the out come or result and combination of the two. In the plays, Taming of the Shrewd by William Shakespeare and A Streetcar Name Desire by Tennessee Williams, the characters hide themselves under false illusions through their lies and deceptions. In the end these false illusions are the agent of change however ever if examined closely the endings themselves are false illusions.

In the play A Streetcar Name Desire the main character Miss Blanche DuBois holds up the true meaning of lying. She is a woman around thirty, who was an English teacher, until she was removed from her post due to her morally wrong acts; Blanche is also a very fragile woman. Blanche constantly lies about her age, improper habits and covers her face through dim light so her age isn't revealed, to her suitor Mr.

Mitchell. Mitch in his thirty's and a sensitive gentleman still lives with his mother. When Miss DuBios first conversates with Mitch she clearly lies about her age say she is younger than her younger sister Stella, Mitch goes off " You are Stella's sister..." in reply "Yes, Stella is my precious little sister. I call her littler in spite of the fact she's somewhat older than I.... Less than a year (pg.55). She goes on trying to cover her fading and ageing beauty by disposing the light. Through out the play, she avoids appearing in direct, bright light especially in front of her suitor. It is clear that's she avoids light in order it prevent him from seeing the reality of her fading beauty. In general, light also symbolizes the reality of her past. " I brought this...colored paper lantern...put it over the light...