"Taming of the Shrew": did Kate perform a REAL transformation?

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In the end of the book "The taming of the Shrew" originally written by William Shakespeare, Kate seems at have been tamed of her wild attitude at the end of the book. After she kisses her husband, he feels as if she has been transformed. Although people have the power to change their behavior, I believe that Katharine was faking her change.

I think she faked her change, because she wanted to embarrass her sister, Bianca. At a wedding, Bianca was mean and didn't want to come out to see the wedding. Her sister Katherine went and forced her to come out and see it. She told Bianca to be a good person, while Bianca was as mean as she was. This seems suspicious, since Kate was an untamed person not too long ago. She was arguing and fighting with Patricio when he didn't like the dresses and wanted to eat food.

How can a person all of a sudden change without any means to?

I think she also faked her change to get more money. If Baptista saw that Kate was a changed person and enjoyed her marriage, that Baptista would entitle her more money as a dowry. She would have used the money to buy the dresses she always wanted to war. I believe that the thought in her mind was "the more money, the better."

Kate will always remain untamed, and will do anything to deceive others from her real attitude, and gain money in the process. She is as sly as she is shrewish. I think she needs o realize that life isn't fair, and you don't always get what you want.