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Deciding on a place to live is a decision that has to contain thought of employment opportunities, educational facilities, and nightly entertainment. Tampa Bay, Florida is a first choice with its many businesses and corporations, many schools, and endless places of entertainment; the city seems to include the whole package. The Tampa Bay Metro area contains a population of 2,142,500, which is the largest in Florida. They average 361 days of sunshine each year.

Tampa Bay area has been nationally recognized as the leading metropolitan market for the number of corporate relocations and expansions in the area. The city's ability to attract both major corporations as well as small businesses has contributed to the designation as the seventh most favorable climate for small businesses in the United States. The employment mix of private and public business entities enhance the attractiveness of the proximity of the suburban Tampa market area. The Tampa Bay area is leading the southwest of the state in the expected percentage of employers planning to increase their work force.

Sixty percent of Bay area employers are planning to increase their labor force. Employment opportunities are rampant in the Tampa Bay area.

Educational facilities need to be present so schooling can be pursued in corporate low. Universities located there include St. Petersburg Junior College, University of South Florida at St. Petersburg, Eckerd College, University of Tampa, and Stetson University College of Law. The location of the Stetson University College of law is one of the strongest pulls of the Tampa Bay area. Stetson offers a quality education in law as well as a respected name.

Living in Indian River County for many years has created an overwhelming need for entertainment. The list is almost endless for the nightly events in Tampa Bay. There are bars, clubs, sports arenas,