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In the short story "Tanforan: A horse Stall for Four" showed the different points of view during this point in time in history. The Americans, in this story, are a lot like the Nazis by persecute the Japanese Americans, just as the Nazis did to the Jews. "Tanforan: A Horse Stall for Four" by ----------stirred many emotions and raises many questions about the rights of human beings. The story shows how people's rights as human beings can be violated, how the government affects on our rights, and how the Japanese American's rights were really violated.

Today people's rights as human being are still being violated.

Japanese people are forced by their government to only birth two children.

The government is stopping the women from raising more children or killing the children they are pregnant with by forced abortion, adoption, or tube-ligation. By doing this the government is stopping their people from being happy by having the kind of family that they have wanted.

Having a family is a right as a human being, and the government should not be able to determine the size of the family because their country is over populated. That is their right as a human being, and it is being violated.

The government's choices affects our rights as human beings. The government protects our lives by taking away certain rights. The government put restrictions on the right to carry arms, and it lowered the rate of violence and deaths due to weapons. By making those choices the government saved many lives because they put restrictions on people's rights.

The government has also tried to violate people's rights as human beings. Defending ones rights as a human being includes standing up for that person and standing up for their rights. The government has the largest affect on people's rights. The government can have a good affect and a bad affect on our rights, but the rights as a human being should never be violated.

The Japanese American's rights were violated in our own country. The quote taken from Yoshiko Uchida showed how the they felt when their own country turned its back on them because of their race. They felt angry and bitter, and they had every right to be upset. Their anger was perfectly natural, but they became bitter about it and that was only hurting themselves. Their rights as human beings were violated. Our country was very wrong for violating the rights of the Japanese Americans, but being bitter is only holding on to their anger and that accomplishes nothing.

"Tanforan: A Horse Stall for Four" raised many different questions about people's rights as human beings. The short story showed the injustice people endure when their rights as human beings are violated. The short story showed how the government can affect people's rights.