Tangerine by edward bloor.

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I would read another book by Bloor because of his writing style. First he captures the reader in the first couple of chapters by giving the reader little hints about the book to make the reader curious. Then he describes the settings very well so the reader can have a vivid image. Afterwards, an enticing storyline that won't let you get your hands off the paperback. Therefore I think he has great potential to become an excellent writer.

To make this book good, Bloor had to use his techniques. One of them is hints. What he does is, during the beginning he starts "dropping" hints about the events that will happen later in the novel. The way he started off the novel was the family moving to Tangerine. He starts to state the weird things going on in the neighborhood like the smoke far off in the distance that never went out.

Then he starts to describe his brother and what he had done in the past. To make it even better is when he portrays the scenes.

Writing the scenes is definitely one of his specialties. He makes the reader feel like he is in an entirely different world by explaining it so colorfully and vividly. The reader really feels like he is in another world since he describes everything realistically. By doing that it makes the book so much more interesting. In addition, he as an intriguing storyline.

The actual story is extremely good and addictive. This is one of those books where you just don't want to let go. It's about a boy who has a mentally challenged brother. The brother tries to hurt everybody who is in the way of his dream of being a football player. He even...