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I look at Tanglewood's overall staffing strategy and HR position as being a "good" problem, in that we have increased our operating territory through acquisitions of other small retailers during the 1990's through an expansion strategy. And however, by doing so - our staffing levels have already increased through acquisition; the task at hand now is to develop that talent.

In referencing Exhibit 1.7 (pg. 26) the first three bullets of "Staffing Levels" i.e. acquiring/developing talent, outsourcing or in-house candidate management and external or internal hiring are important strategies to implement and/or to continue to implement and develop at Tanglewood. The strategy we can use of developing internal talent is my first choice for the direction of Tanglewood; more than acquiring talent because acquiring talent from other companies and the onboarding process means incurring increased costs. Also, if an employee begins as an associate who is new to retail, it means that all employees will begin from a level playing field and the Tanglewood culture becomes ingrained in every new person.

This reinforces the training practices and standard procedures for all newly hired associates. Having acquired existing talent maintains a knowledgeable and productive workforce. Internal opportunities for advancement are great motivators for those employees we've acquired through our expansion efforts and they in turn will support us, help us to achieve and enhance our organizational goals.

Tanglewood uses a differentiation strategy and because the owners desire to continue running an operation with a "strong base of employee participation, customer satisfaction, and profitability", important to maintaining a strong culture. I believe it's necessary for the organization to have the best possible staff that will deliver positive experiences to their customers and make our stores stand out among the competitors.

This can and will...