Tap water and where is it good and why?

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We drink water every day to stay alive. Our bodies are made up of 90% water and as we get older that number decreases. I wonder which source of water is best to keep us hydrated and alive.

Growing up in NYC I learned at an early age what great water we had. I spent summers in Charleston SC and their tap water was terrible. It was thick and had a smell that could be noticed a mile away. In certain parts of town, mainly the city, the water didn't smell and it was tolerable. I would drink New York water over anything when I was younger after spending my first summer there. After watching the 20/20 report a few years ago it proved what I already knew. That NY has the best tap water and that bottle water is a fraud. When I moved to Florida there was bottled water called Zephyrhills.

It was bottled in Florida and was to be the best water in the region. I went to the plant and asked to see the spring the water was coming from and they didn't allow me. My suspicion grew and I wanted to know if everyone was paying for tap water in a bottle. After seeing 20/20 that is what we are paying for. I know live in Tulsa and the water here is not good. I would drink bottled water over this tap water. I guess it depends on where you live if you will pay for water or not' Testing my tap water I came across some startling discoveries. The bacteria level was negative which a relief was. I would hate to drink water that would make me sick. The copper and Iron levels were also negative.

The water her is not...