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A stranger arrives at the little Nepal border town of kush. An innkeeper, Sukha, tells the stranger about the bitter fued between two famlies vying to gain control of the town: on the one side, the Vilas brothers, consisting of Ramesh Vilas (the eldest and nominally in charge), Suresh (the most headstrong), and Vijay (the most capable and intelligent); on the other, the family of the town politician, Dayaram Jha.

The Stranger, spying an opportunity to make money from the situation, decides to play both families against each other. His opportunity comes when a detachment of Naxals escorting a shipment of gold passes through the town. The gold is ostensibly being delivered to smugglers/or a troop of Chinese soldiers in exchange for weapons, but the following the Naxal troops out of town, the Stranger witnesses them being massacred by members of the Vilas brothers, dressed as the smugglers/ or Chinese troops led by Vijay Vilas.

The Vilas brothers take the gold.

The Stranger takes two of the bodies to a nearby burial ground and sells information to both sides that two Naxal soldiers survived the attack. Both sides race to the burial ground, the Jhas to get the "survivors" to apprehend the the Vilas, the Vilas to silence them. The factions engage in a fierce gunfight, with Vijay managing to "kill" the "survivors" and Suresh capturing Dayaram's son, Neeraj. While the Vilas and the Jhas are fighting, the Stranger searches the Vilas mansion for the gold but accidentally knocks out Vijay's beautiful prisoner and unwilling mistress, Fida, when she surprises him. He takes her to the Jhas, who, in turn arrange to return her to the Vilas in exchange for Neeraj.

During the exchange, the Stranger learns Fida's history from Sukha "… a happy little family until trouble...