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After conducting a research among a group of 50 working people the authors of the project have segmented the market and identified the potential customers as follows:

Knowing that the income per year of the respondents is not less than $1,500 and in some cases even higher, our service will be directed mainly to them. Prices will be set taking into account the factor that most of the people who are willing to try our service are able to spend not less that $7 each time they come. Nevertheless, to make our service available to other groups, such as students and people who have lower income, we will try to introduce relatively cheap dishes, affordable for many, though not for everyone, for we will have to cover our expenses.


Another important issue to be pointed out is that our main service will be directed to those who like either travelling or going to the excursions and our subservience will be providing our customers with meal while going somewhere.

The type of the food we will provide is going to depend on the rout the bus goes, for we are planning to introduce different ones. However, while we are on the introductory stage, we will have only two busses that will go around the city of Almaty and they will be served mainly with the fast food. In the future, as we introduce new routs, we expect our customers to eat something more "serious".

it is interesting to notice that there is a great percentage of those who like looking at the window - 33% of all the respondents. Considering the fact above, we suppose that people most likely will be satisfied with the service we are going to provide them with. They will be able to eat and...