Targets Strategy for Developing Customer Relationships Explain the components of a marketing strategy. The target market. The 4 P's applied to each target market segment.

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AbstractTarget is all about their customers, the communities they serve, and education. This article will explain the many programs associated with each, such as, the REDcard, Reach Out and Read, and involvement with the American Red Cross. Targets employees and corporation holds strong values of making their products affordable and emphasizing great design. This article will include how Target handles their customer complaints, providing information about new or existing products, placing orders, receiving other feedback from customers, tracking an order, and analyzing and critiquing of Targets customer relationship programs.

Targets Strategy for Developing Customer RelationshipsINTRODUCTIONWhat does Target believe? This corporation believes in connecting business and community to serve consumers with affordability and great design. With this being their main statement describing their values it explains exactly how they run their business. By connecting business and community, Target and their employees are able to support and participate in programs associated with the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and United Way.

They also have many educational programs that work with REDcard holders and their local school of choice. This article will go into detail about how Target develops their customer relationships and an evaluation and critique of their current programs in place, and my recommendations for improvements upon these programs.

Target welcomes all types of comments including customer complaints. The corporation has several phone numbers located on their website in the about target section. Customer service has several options via telephone according to your problem. Target also has a contact page to e-mail any questions or comments specific to a topic. I had limited success e-mailing the corporation to help me with this project, and with the telephone service.

Target's current programs for providing information about new or existing products are weekly ads delivered via e-mail, through the postal...