Tariq: The Tale of a Little Turtle.

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Once upon a time, there was a little turtle named Tariq who was watching his fellow friends play with their new ball. He was youngest of all and thought less of. They were out for a picnic and Tariq was not allowed to play with others. His "so called" friends had told him to cook and take care of their belongings.

All of a sudden, he saw the other turtles crowded near the bank of the river where they were playing. Tariq got curious and went towards his "so called" friends. As soon as he reached, he asked the turtles, "What's the matter?" They told him that their ball had fallen right in the middle of the river and they didn't know how to swim. No one had courage to bring back the ball!

Young Tariq told them not to worry and assured them that he will bring back the ball for them.

One of the turtles came to Tariq and shouted, "You little dumb-headed turtle! Go back and take care of the cooking and our belongings! You are not worth of doing anything more than that!" Tariq returned to his job without uttering another word.

In the mean time, one of the turtles nearly drowned himself while trying to fetch the ball. As soon as Tariq saw one of his friends drowning, he jumped into the river to save him and also fetch the ball for his "so called" friends.

His fellow friends were surprised to see what he did for them without caring for his own life. They felt ashamed for their behavior towards him. They apologized to him and finally accepted him as one of their good friend.