Tarket Markets

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Advertising has a huge effect on society today. Either walking down the street or flipping through the channels of a television you will see different products being marketed. Each company has different ideas on how to advertise, most of them use the old fashion way, which is a huge billboard with their Ad. While other companies who take marketing serious and care about which audience is viewing their products use a technique called Target Markets.

Target Markets are extremely efficient; they allow one or more specific groups of potential consumers toward which an organization directs its marketing program. Each time and item is marketed anywhere the producers are aware of the marketing mix. They know what the product is, the price of the product, the promotion, and where it would be promoted. All these factors allow the specific item to sell at most all its products because the people it is shown to or markets to have in interest in that specific product.

The demographics allow the marketers to be efficient because they know exactly where they want the product to end up.

This passed week I have been watching commercials very closely to see at what time specific items were being advertised and which audience I think they were trying to market. While watching a morning television show I noticed that most of the commercials targeted females, the reason for that would be because society has gotten us used to women staying at home while the male goes out and works. Such commercials that proved this theory right were items such as "resolve" (a women was on her knees scrubbing a bathtub), "Vagisil" (a feminine hygiene product), and "Shop rite"(showed a women in the supermarket looking for sales in the coupon book). None of these commercials in anyway...