Tarketing minorities is not exploitative

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Targeting minorities is not exploitative

1. Definition

1.1 Marketing

Marketing is all about "creating" a satisfied customer. Marketing activities touch and shape people's lives everyday everyplace. Another, marketing activities are often the most visible decisions in a firm because marketing takes place at the "cutting edge" between an organization and its customers. Customers are notoriously lacking in fore sight. Ten or fifteen years ago, how many of us were asking for cellular telephones, fax machines and copies at home, 24 hour discount brokerage accounts, multi valve automobile engines, compact discs players, cars with onboard navigation systems, hand held global satellite positioning receivers, automated teller machines, MTV, or the home shopping network(1)

1.2 Target marketing

Target marketing refers to the identification of a set of buyers sharing common needs or characteristics that a company decides to serve. Targeting marketing has been a commercial custom since centuries. The souvenir shop situated on the main street of a tourist resort and the car rental facilities at a major airline terminal are present day models of target marketing.

It has become increasingly impossible to satisfy the needs, wants and desires of a customer in our contemporary world. This is due to the fact that most customers have access to enormous information about the product they want to buy. It has led to the greater emphasis on defining the characteristics of reachable and financially possible consumer group in order to target the unique benefits of an existing product and rationalise production and marketing cost in the process.

1.3 Minority

Minority is simply defined as a certain group or sub-group who are interested in certain products. We can say that targeting minorities is to meet demands of specific customer with common needs and characteristics because it will be a group of users who will derive similar...