Tarzan Of The Apes

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I just finished reading Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs and I must say that I enjoyed the story very much. Tarzan shows the reader that you can overcome many obstacles. One of the biggest obstacles in the book is the racial tension that is present, the black apes versus Tarzan the white man. We can sort of parallel this to how blacks are treated in today?s society. This story also reminds me of a theory my father told me about since we have arrived here in America. That theory is Social Darwinism which is all about the idea of survival of the fittest and how only the strong survive no matter what your situation or setting is.

When Kala took Tarzan in as a baby and nursed him and loved him, she did not get immediate approval to do so. Other apes did not think that she was making a logical decision.

Her own husband Kerchak, who was the leader of the ape family, disagreed with her on making Tarzan part of the ape clan. Kala lost her real son as an infant though, and really wanted to care for a young child and raise it as one of her own. Over time many apes just saw Tarzan as one of their own kind, another member of the tribe, but Kerchak never did. Tarzan actually ends up killing Kerchak in a fight and becomes the new leader of the group of apes. He gains admiration and respect from nearly all creatures in the jungle, and he did this as the ?hairless wonder.? Even though Tarzan didn?t fit in with the rest of his group based on appearance, he was still able to become a leader.

In my new country, which is nicknamed the land of the free, I notice...