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Job Description:

1210 Purchasing Agent/Buyer - Coordinates activities involved with procuring goods and services for firm. Negotiates with vendors to obtain optimum quality, cost, terms etc. Normally requires a college degree.

Task Identification.

The Buyer will be responsible for:

Monitoring supplier performance and managing continuous quality improvement

Maintaining skills and flexibility to manage a variety of categories as may be required

Identifying and developing cost savings alternatives

Researching sources of supply

Assisting internal clients in all sourcing related activities as required

Developing and cultivating positive working relationships with suppliers and with other departments within the organization

KSA Identification:

Bachelor's degree is required, preferably in Business or related field

Must have knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint

Must have contract negotiation skills

Must have knowledge and experience with purchase orders

Must have extensive knowledge and relationships with vendors, materials and service providers

Must also have proven project management experience, the ability to analyze and resolve complex issues, and a team building work style

Good organizational skills

Broad knowledge of all advertising mediums

Strong verbal, written and communication skills

Experience in client service.

Course Objectives:

The Buyer will be well-informed of other sales representatives from other stores

The Buyer will responsible for demonstrating with clients to present designer buys and opportunities

Will oversee and maintain tracking analysis, spending overviews and buy summaries; develop cost estimates and post buy estimates

Will oversee performance management for Assistant Buyers

Design Program:

Methods: On the job training, power point slides,

Length: 30 days

Place: Cosmetics

Trainers: Buyer

Trainees: Assistant Buyer, if needed.

Employee training has become increasingly important as jobs have become more sophisticated and influenced by technology. Training is a learning experience that seeks relatively permanent change in individuals that will improve their ability to perform on the job. Through...