Is it task analysis or performance analysis more effective to analyse training needs.

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Is it task analysis or performance analysis more effective to analyse trainingneeds.

HRM Assignment 03Dinavi Wanniarachchi12/5/20091. IntroductionHow a HR manager analyzes training needs depends on whether he or is training new or currentemployees. The main task in analyzing new employees' training needs is to determine what the jobentails and to break it down into subtasks, each of which then can be taught to the new employee.

Analyzing current employees' training needs can be more complex, since the HR manager has theadded task of deciding whether training is the solution. For example, performance may be downbecause the standards aren't clear or because the person is not motivated. Some trainers use specialanalytical software, such as from Saba Software, Inc., to diagnose performance gaps and theircauses.[1]2. Task AnalysisTask analysis is a detailed study of the job to determine what specific skills the job requires. Forexample a web developer needs Java knowledge, a computer operator need typing speed etc.

Jobdescriptions and job specifications are helpful here. These list the job's specific duties and skills andthus provide the basic reference point in determining the training required.

The training manager can also uncover training needs by reviewing performance standards,performing the job and questioning current job holders and their supervisors.

The main characteristics of task analysis are it is a proactive approach which involves processmapping, considers what the employee has to carry out and very little or no consideration onbehavioural aspects.

3. Performance AnalysisPerformance analysis is the process of verifying that there is a performance deficiency anddetermining if such deficiency should be corrected through training or through some other meanslike transferring the employee (known as job rotation).

There are several methods HR training manager can use to carry out performance analysis. Theseinclude supervisor, peer, and self performance reviews(known as 3600 appraisal) ; job relatedperformance data...