Task Forces (The Students- The Bankers)

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Task force (or in another words a task group) is a temporary organization which is formed to work on a single defined activity or task. The readings ("The Students", "The Bankers") introduced task groups formed by students and bankers.

In the first paper -The Students- two different groups in the same course that are created by the professor are examined.

A group's initial conversation usually shows much about its character. For example when we look at the first student group -The Novices- members were reluctant, except Ken. The group members did not want Ken in the group since they were thinking that he has "too much experience" as Alexandra states. I think that they have made a huge mistake by sending Ken to a different group since he was the only one with experience and maybe the only one that was highly invested in the task.

Another big mistake that The Novices had done is they did not look at the paper requirements until the last second.

In addition they assumed that writing was Will's responsibility which made Will feel angry so he refused to do the final product all alone.

In The Novices group, we can clearly see the changes in the group at the halftime. They gathered in the evening, started on time, have done some homework and they had also a better sense of what they were doing. If this approach to the project was adopted earlier, I believe that everything would be a lot different.

In the Novices, as the text mentions Tuckman's and Bales & Strodtbeck's models are not seen. So in the class we can try to answer how this happened and which stages are not seen.

The Novices could not achieve being an effective task group. They have lost a lot...