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What is 'taste'? How do assumptions about 'good' and 'bad taste' affect our judgements about ways in which the visual arts are consumed? Explain what it means to say that 'taste classifies the classifier '? There are two kinds of taste: biologically through the tongue, and also psychological preference. In this essay I will explain how these are linked and how the latter develops with experience. Good and bad tastes affect consumption of art because 'good' art usually sells, although it is not the same as popular art. Here, I will look at the masters and how they affected taste during the Renaissance. From this we can see where modern conventions of 'good art' have come from.

For the third part of the question, I believe the 'taste classifies the classifier' can be interpreted in two different ways. It can mean that classifications and judgements are personal decisions, or it can be seen as in knowing the individuals classification of something we are able to classify that individual.

In this final part I will argue the ambiguity of the question.

What is taste? When we pass banana milkshake over our tongues, special receptors inform our brain that something in our mouth is sweet and tasty. What makes one thing taste nicer than the other is an unanswerable question. However this is only one version of taste. What I am interested in is why someone finds a Monet more pleasing to the eye than a poster of a super model, or not. Fashion could make us like something more than another, like peer pressure. I believe that taste is personality, and I understand personality as Sigmund Freud theorized: personality is created from everything that has ever happen to the individual. Monet's art is considered to be 'good art' and popular, because...