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To say that ?tattoos reflect a lack of character and discipline (454)? regardless of their owners being pro- athletes or not is utterly ridiculous, and the comment that, ?somewhere along the line, everyone forgot about the difference between right and wrong (454),? is both a testament to Clem Haskins?s closed- mindedness and ?old school? conservatism; which really, has no place in the industry of modern day professional sports- or anywhere else for that matter. Tattoos: can be representatives of personality and self-expression; misconstrued because of the pain involved in acquiring one; they can make a personal statement, and they are permanent. In my paper, I plan to discuss each of these points.

Clem Haskins?s opinion that with tattoos come ?bad attitudes? is simply unjustified, for how can an ink drawing on one?s skin affect the personality of that person? It cannot. In actuality, the exact opposite is true- one?s personality affects the tattoo on one?s skin.

If that person wishes to portray some negative type of expression- so be it. But, this is not to say that one cannot portray something beautiful either. The point is simply that the expression manifested in the form of a tattoo is a self-expression, and one which shows that person?s individuality.

The idea of ?tattoo as self-expression? has always existed, yet only recently been appreciated and understood to such a widespread extent. It seems that nowadays those persons who share Haskins?s views are, indeed, for the first time, the minority. No longer is the stigma of ?rowdy bikers and drunked sailors (454)? attached to the tattooed. Perhaps this has been facilitated by the staggering numbers, in recent years, of people acquiring tattoos who in no way exemplify the outcasts of society, and are of any age, ethnic group, or religious persuasion. Figures...