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Joseph Bartoletti

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Prompt C

Father Gregory Boyle is a man who truly lives out the mission of the Jesuit order. He is a man who has committed his entire life to serving others and helping them in all aspects of their lives. His focus on serving others proves his Jesuit background, however he disagrees with one of the main teachings of the Jesuit order. The phrase Father Boyle rejects is one that is very common among Jesuit institutions around the United States. This phrase includes the words "men and women for others." Father Boyle explains his rejection of this phrase because we should not be people for others, instead we should be people with others. This distinction changes this phrase immensely. If one truly desires to help others to the best of their abilities and have the most positive effect on the lives of others an individual must not work purely for them but with them.

To help and serve another person it is necessary to know them and understand their struggles so you may understand how to help them and the only way to do this is to be people with them. Father Boyle lives out this phrase extremely well. He does not simply preach to the homies by telling them what to do, he interacts with them where they live and helps them refine every aspect of their lives.

Father Boyle rejects the common Jesuit phrase "men and women for others" because it just simply isn't enough. By no means is he saying this is way off what we should be doing or that it is altogether wrong, he is just saying that if we, as God's servants, are content with just being "for others" than we are not living to...