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Many Tennesseans have noticed that the state's sales tax had increased to 9.25%, which makes it 1% higher than last year's. I do not think it would be a vast contribution to our state; instead, it would constitute a greater tax burden on poor people, college students and senior citizens. Therefore, I am asking the government to consider whether they should implement the tax in the first place or give rebates to certain segments of the population.

Apparently, Tennessee is considered to be one of the poverty field states in America where quite a number of low-income families. They already have to pay for rents, insurance, utilities, etc and now they'd have to pay 9.25% of every purchase including food! When the news of the new sales tax reached the state, there were people who protested and complained on the news and radio. But the government has not responded whatsoever.

Shouldn't the Tennessee Legislature do some explanations to this group of people? Because, this is what democracy is about.

College students also have the same problem when compared to low-income families. Lucky students are taken care of by their parents, but what about the independent ones? They already have to deal with expenses, tuition fees and dorms/apartments which is a lot for teenagers to handle. Several University of Memphis student stressed, "I am deeply in debt." Eventually, money might result in crimes because teenagers are "money spenders"; they would not have enough money to buy necessities. This lack of money could lead people in this category to commit crimes.

Senior citizens are also affected by high sales tax. More than half of them are retired with minimum pension from the government. It is obviously not enough to spend on necessities with such high sales tax. They will definitely ask for...