Tax haven countries and tax haven operations are appealing to certain governments and businesses.

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For consumers to believe the global market, government enforcement, industry and consumer organizations need to assume effective consumer protection initiatives. Although there may be ways to recover the availability of legal remedies, as discussed below the pursuance of legal remedies alone for cross-border disputes is not in itself an effectual or efficient way of resolving, or indeed preventing, consumer disputes linking global market mechanisms. (

Sensibly, choice mechanisms for consumer protection will be required, in adding to legal remedies, if consumers are to operate safely within the global marketplace. While the tendency is for governments to use more market responsive means, such as alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, codes of manner and consumer charters, this does not mean that traditional consumer protection laws have become archaic. Rather, they continue to serve as an important security net for consumers. (Gerard Horton, Marshall Langer, Anthony Murty & Michael Edwardes-Ker.2001)

State, which enables a corporation to function in a well-organized or else higher-quality way than the companies it, competes with, and which consequences in profit accruing to that company.

Growth is a very large idea that means many things to many people. It is connected to development as well as to the phase of progression of a civilization and to the level of economic and social conditions. Economic development is apprehensive with issues such as deal and speculation liberalization, knowledge facilitation and expertise transfers, increased contribution in the world economy, and usually raising regions from an inferior to a senior stage of expansion. Regional development is fretful with getting inferior regions to grab up to better-off ones. Regions, in this sense, may be within a country or transversely countries and comparisons can be made between "developed" or "developing" regions, or between both of these types. (Harvey McGregor & Marshall Langer 2002)

Companies formed in Campione have many advantages over Swiss companies, as they are able to use Swiss banking facilities, have a mailing address that appears Swiss, but not be subject to Switzerland's relatively high income and withholding taxes. Company law is the same as in Italy, and a corporation can be formed with a minimum capitalization of about $1000. Company formation takes longer than in Switzerland, but unlike Switzerland, a Campione company can be entirely owned and directed by foreigners. The formation work is usually handled by Italian lawyers in Milan, and the fees are modest, since this is not a special or complex matter. The personal and company tax exemptions do not apply if the resident is doing business with Italy, but business with Italy can readily be done through a Swiss or Liechtenstein corporation as an intermediary.( Kamen Troller & Richard Pease.2000)


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