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Paul Foster

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Eco 205 Economic Theory

Hamsa Wilson

March 27, 2008

Tax under consideration has a base, which includes all net gains. The taxation system of a country depends upon the particular economic structure of the given country. It is much logical to assert that levying or imposing tax and collecting them is essential for the economic promotion and all-round development of the country. So, policy makers and all the concerned are found to have close adherence in designing a well formulated tax policy that can render a positive change in the tax administration and economic infra-structure of the country as well. At the heart of the economic policies of a given country, tax system occupies a prominent place. Countries have long been striving to introduce a better tax regime in order to get out from economic depression. Accordingly, they are designing the reform agenda aimed at implementing a better tax mechanism in the country.

Global experiences regarding the tax administration suggest that the core reason behind the failure of the tax mechanism in not addressing the issues of tax regime effectively is the imbalances of fiscal policies of the country.

One article examines rate prevailed in different states of America. The writer has opened that the sales tax in America is not same; rather it is of different rate in different states. In some states, sales tax is applied in case of buying the goods over Internet. The writer has also given the message that there is also an option of purchasing some goods that are free from paying tax.

It is obvious to say that tax on goods cannot be termed as the principal source of revenue income in a country as it severely impact on the national economy and great disaffection takes place in...