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Group PresentationModule Code Number:BLB10024-2Module Title:International Human Resource ManagementPrepared for:Wu YingPrepared by:HDBM220051606 HDBM220051608HDBM220051633 HDBM220051635Submission Date:4th June 2008Word Count:485IntroductionTCL Corporation was founded in 1981 in Hong Kong, China. Today it is one of China's largest consumer electronics corporations operating on an international scale. TCL is presently composed of four main industrial groups (multimedia, communications, appliances and components) (TCL 2008).

Moreover, the company has retail organizations in around 40 countries and regions worldwide. Overseas business includes Russia, South America and Indian Market. By 2007, TCL's global business revenue was RMB39.063 billion, and the company employed more than 50,000 people across many countries (TCL 2008).

Reward forms of different countriesIn this part, the reward forms of different countries or ways of TCL and some analysis will be displayed.

1.Chinese staffThis chart describes the TCL reward form for Chinese staff. TCL rewards pay attention to the staff's different kinds of needs. Besides the base wages TCL purchases the insurance for staff and provides different kinds of subsidies and vacations.

According to the fact, TCL offered staff repast subsidy, communication subsidy and traffic subsidy. Besides the national vacations, TCL Chinese staff can also enjoy the TCL extra vacations (TCL 2008).

2.Chinese workers overseasConsidering the different regional economy, big cultural span and possess great fluctuation. The reward form of Chinese workers overseas of TCL can divide into 2 parts, base wages and overseas send subsidy.

The base wages providing basic living for workers overseas, and overseas send subsidy contain external service subsidy, arduous condition subsidy, and settlement allowance. At the mean time, combining with market performance objective and regional market features which wholly reflect the elasticity feature of reward, ensure reaching the objective of whole reward system (Wang 2006).

3.Overseas local staff in U.S.A.

The TCL worker's reward is generally made up...