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Essay by vancityvisa April 2006

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TD Bank's vision is to be the best retail bank in North America. TD

Bank is founded on six guiding principles - " Be Customer Driven,

Respect Each Other, Execute with Excellence, Know Our Business, Enhance

Our Brand, Increase Shareholder Value".

For my field trip I went to TD Bank to interview Ken Vashisht. Ken is a

certified financial planner and has completed his financial management

program full time at BCIT. He is currently working for TD Mutual Funds

Investment Banking & Solutions as a District Sales Manager. His last

job with TD Bank was working as a Financial Planner/Advisor therefore

Ken has a lot of experience with working at the Bank in investments.

Ken explained to me that the function of the financial advisor is

basically to serve their clients by helping them choose the best types

of investments that are out there for them. A financial advisor assists

their clients on making the right decision that would be beneficial for

them not only in the short run, but the long run also.

Ken described

the objectives of a financial planner to be the following:

* Establish & implement a sales achievement plan that focuses on new

sales, profitability, sales activities, prospecting activities, internal

referral of business and retention of client assets

* Build a financial practice with a client-centered focus, adding value

to the relationship by providing advice and finding solutions

* Achieve or exceed business plan targets in profitability, new volumes,

portfolio size, client asset size and financial plan production

Ken further explained that it takes a lot for your client to build trust

in you as a financial planner, because investing can be a big gamble.

As a financial planner, you must build that trust between you and the

client. You must provide...